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Money: Defending Your Prosperity

This book exposes central banking and central bankers as the cause of all out debts. Clearly written and heavily illustrated.

In studying any facet of our “modern” world, the serious researcher must inevitably come to an understanding of the international banking families and their use of control over monetary systems to control the world. This 300-page primer explains in simple terms why the People of the most prosperous nation on earth find themselves burdened with debt so crushing (U.S. debt clock) it amounts to bondage. The United States is not alone. Inter-connected so-called “central banks” infect over 160 countries worldwide. While the details may vary, the objectives and results are the same. Thus, the information learned in this book contains insights that apply worldwide.

There are six chapters: Chatpers 1 and 4 explain the system and how it destroys prosperity; Chapters 2 and 3 provide the history and names names; Chapter 5 and 6 provide solutions. Additionally, there are five excellent appendices that turn this primer into a valued reference book.

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Follow The Money

The Search for Liberty

This 60-page, 4x6”, full-color pocketbook concisely brings alive the war that is taking place for control of the world between representative governments, on the one hand, and a handful of international banking families on the other, using the very words of U.S. Presidents, central bankers, and others starting from the founding of the United States in 1797.

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Statehood: The Territorial Imperative

The Search for Liberty

This book is a meticulous inquiry into the origins of the American states, the federal territorial land system and the relationship between the two. The text relies upon commentary of the Framers, other contemporaneous commentary, and Supreme Court decisions and decisional dicta to derive its conclusions. The conclusions arrived at pose a forceful and provocative challenge to conventional thinking about the federal trust respecting public lands as it is understood and applied in the 21st century." (524 pages, 13 point type for ease of reading)

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The Property Clause

This is a comprehensive and detailed examination of the origins and judicial interpretations of the Constitution’s Property Clause, the only clause dealing with federal territories and those lands commonly referred to as public lands. The U.S. Supreme Court has issued contradictory judicial constructions of this clause. One view is Congress holds an absolute power of governing these lands. The other view is the federal government has the duty to release them to the States. This booklet examines both lines of reasoning and draws conclusions which challenge the present reading of this clause. (64 pages)

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A Road Out Of Territorial Bondage

This booklet applies constitutional principles to the issue of state and local roads that cross federal public lands. It examines the territorial rights of the states, the origins of the Equal Footing Doctrine and how it is differentially applied to the western states, the consequences of an "expansive reading" of the Property Clause, and how Revised Statute (RS) 2477 has deprived the states of their sovereign rights over their public lands. By reclaiming eminent domain over construction of their own highways, the States will re-established their sovereignty and liberate themselves from "the bondage of a (federal) territorial system" within their borders. (54 pages)

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