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Defend Rural AmericaTM


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The Battle To

Defend Rural AmericaTM

In Siskiyou County

This 80-minute documentary film exposes, in the words of the people themselves, what is happening within our nation to destroy our real national Treasury ― the land and natural resources that give us our water, food, energy, shelter, metals, and other necessities to sustain our nation and give it prosperity and security. The true stewards of our Treasury are the hard-working farmers, ranchers, miners, timbermen, fishermen, and others that manage these lands and resources in a sustainable and responsible way. Yet the assault they face is as monumental as it is completely ignored by TV, media and Hollywood, alike. Without them, our lands will go fallow and the nation that once fed the world will become dependent on other nations for our very sustenance. Most Americans will be shocked by what they learn.

Approx. 78 mins.

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How To Take Our Country Back

Parts I and II

This DVD combines provides both seminars from the highly popular “How To Take Our Country Back” series. Part I provides a strategic overview of what we need to do. Part II provides the tactics. Approx. 133 mins. (Part I = 40 mins, Part II = 94 mins)

  1. “This was, by far, the best history lesson I’ve ever had the privilege of learning!”

  2. “Outstanding video. It is my hope that you continue to put this info out. I thank you for your work on this video. Please continue and thank you again.”

  3. “Everyone in the US needs to see this! Turn off your TV!”

  4. “Thank you for your exemplary works; I support your efforts wholeheartedly.”

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The Constitutional CountyTM

To get our country back, we must regain an understanding of the principles that guided the founding of our country, and of the rights and powers our Founding Fathers reserved to us, the People, to insure ours would continue to be a government of the People, by the People, and for the People. With this knowledge, we can take our country back. The heart of this plan is The Constitutional CountyTM. It only takes a small investment of your time to guide your actions for a lifetime.

Approx. 65 mins.

$14.95 (see bottom of page for quantity discounts)

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Why We Are In So Much Debt

Parts I, II and III

All 3 “Why We Are In So Much Debt” seminars. Ever wonder why the most prosperous nation on Earth is also the most in debt? Or why we have perpetual wars? Or why you never seem to get ahead, no matter how hard your work and how many jobs you have? The answers are all here. Approx. 166 mins. (Part I = 65 mins, Part II = 67 mins, Part III = 34 mins.)

  1. “Great video series. Thank you.”

  2. “PLEASE watch these very informational videos on the scam perpetuated on America’s people and congress. If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers. Understanding is half the solution. Addressing is the other half.”

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