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The Equal Access To Justice Act is another piece of legislation that is being abused. The original intent of the Act was to make government more accountable to the little guy by allowing the little guy to sue government and recover modest legal fees if he or she won. At least, that was what we were told. In fact, the Act is now being used to finance the war on Rural America―using our own money―and make millionaires of the law firms that use it. In short, the destruction of Rural America has been made quite profitable. This is another Act that needs to be amended or abolished.


Environmentalism has been hijacked and used as cover for a political movement to abolish personal and public property. Information every American needs to know.

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The Endangered Species Act, as practiced today at least, is a fraud. Originally sold as the solution to saving major species from extinction, the wording of the Act and its current implementation have nothing to do with species, extinction, or species restoration.

The sole remedy offered by the Endangered Species Act is so-called “habitat restoration.” Despited the nice-sounding name, habitat restoration equals the federal takeover of our lands, and the expulsion of humans, human activities (both recreational and commercial), and human developments.

It is possible to get People to do harm, even to themselves, if they first are convinced they are doing good. The easiest way to do this is to cloak schemes inside our deepest-held values. And so it is with environmentalism, a core American value due to our Christian heritage.

Americans readily supported the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts as necessary adjustments to the conditions being brought about by our prosperity and increasing population. And they worked. Air and water conditions improved, and the American Bald Eagle was saved from extinction. Those standards were met.

Environmentalism today, however, is a cover for a political agenda―Neo-Enviromentalism―that seeks to overthrow the Constitution, end inalienable rights, replace free will with central planning, and bring about the abolition of private and public property.

One result is the implosion of Rural America, caused by the closure of public lands to both recreational and commercial use. Over 30% of America’s counties are now on the brink of financial failure. Things are only getting worse, and at an accelerating rate.

Rural Americans are on the front lines of this war. Accordingly, they are well aware of the harm being caused to families & children, communities, jobs, property values, and crime, and ultimately to our environment and animals. Few in number, however, Rural Americans have no voice.

Urban Americans, unaware of what’s going on and indifferent to the plight of their Rural neighbors, continue to vote for this destruction, not realizing rural people and lands are the source of the things that bring prosperity, security and sovereignty to all Americans―water, energy, food, building materials, and recreation, to name a few.

The readily observable result is that neo-environmentalism is destroying more of our rights, lands, and resources than any weapons of mass destruction an external enemy could deliver.


“The environmental movement promises to bring greater numbers into our orbit that the peace movement ever did.” ―Carl Bloice, correspondent for the communist “The Daily World”

“We reject the idea of private property.”―Prince Philip, Founder, World Wildlife Fund


Endangered Species Act

Former Ranger Ray Haupt and attorney Karen Budd-Fallen discuss ESA from insider and legal perspectives.

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Equal Access To Justice Act

Former Ranger Ray Haupt and attorney Karen Budd-Fallen discuss EAJA from insider and legal perspectives.

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Clean Air & Water Acts

The Clean Air & Water Acts are two other pieces of legislation now being wielded as weapons against our national values and prosperity.

After two or three decades of investment and technology development, the original, scientifically-established standards were met. Now, new standards are being set with short deadlines that are not practically, economically, or technically feasible. These new standards are not scientifically-supported; rather, they are designed to bring about a pre-determined outcome.

This federal takeover of both private and public land is best illustrated by the new clean water standards. This map depicts federal authority under the original Clean Water Act in black.

This map depicts federal authority under a proposed change called the Clean Water Restoration Act. It covers virtually all land, including private property. It is worth noting this plan was hatched at least as early as 2006, when this map was prepared for Rep. Oberstar by the Democratic staff of the Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure.