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Defend Rural America is a bottoms-up movement to protect the rights and economies of rural counties and states. It is a complete package of educational materials, strategy, tactics, training, and organizing―all done at the county level. It is based on the voluntary support of individuals, organizations, and representatives.


Over 30% of America's counties are at the brink of financial collapse, and they will collapse if federal overreach is allowed to continue. DRA, therefore, is at the forefront in providing strategies that can and will turn this around.

The truth is disturbing

The nation’s rural communities are under attack from every direction: agency abuses and threats; regulatory excesses; private property and water grabs; soaring costs, fees, penalties, and taxes; ceaseless lawsuits; predatory animal reintroductions; and more. And it is happening worldwide, not just in the U.S. Read this.

The public has been mislead

Few are aware this war is going on, so complete is the media blackout. Worse yet, the public increasingly votes adverse to rural interests, largely as the result of grossly false mis-information promoted by media and the educational system.

Rural America is ill-prepared to defend itself

Rural communities are typically small with small populations, modest incomes, little money, very limited government resources, and few attorneys. They work hard and don’t have much time to study the issues or go to meetings. They are busy trying to produce the things that sustain the rest of the nation. Crops and cattle, for example, don’t go home at 5:00 P.M. or take time off on weekends or holidays. Farmers and ranchers are on call 24/7/365 and don’t know what a 9-5 job is. They can’t just jump in the car to head off for a weekend or holiday getaway. These are labors of love.

Rural America is our forgotten & overlooked national treasure

Rural America provides our water, grows our food, harvests the timber and gravel needed to build our homes and cities, mines the ore that produces our steel, and acts as the true steward of our national resources. We’ve had it good for so long we take it for granted. We cannot continue to do so any longer.

If they lose, you lose

Their fight is our fight.

Urban and Suburban America will be affected by the outcome of this silent and largely unknown war.

Most of our industries, technologies, blue collar jobs, and increasingly white collar jobs have already been exported. If Big Government and Big Money succeed in their assault on Rural America, our nation – once the breadbasket of the world – will be dependent upon other countries for its very sustenance, our debts will grow, our prosperity will decline, our sovereignty will be lost, and we will be subject to the dictates of our suppliers and bondholders.

We all need to Defend Rural America

The defense of Rural America is a matter of national security and sovereignty.

Defend Rural America has engaged in this battle. Hopefully, you will too. Here, you will find an overview of the various fronts in this war, and links to other people and resources for further information.


“Rural Americans better wake up. There is an agenda.
It is in your self-interest to organize and fight as one.”

“We either restore local government,
or submit to global governance.”


Defend Rural America, The Constitutional County, Constitutional County, and
Constitutional Counties are trademarks of Kirk F. MacKenzie.

Rural America Is Under Attack
The Outcome Affects Us All


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