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20121002 U.S. Supreme Appellate Court leaves roadless rule standing. “Signed by President Bill Clinton just eight days before the end of his administration, the Roadless Rule protects 58.5 million acres, or about 30 percent, of National Forest lands in 38 states and Puerto Rico.” Translation: The Executive Branch asserts it has the authority to do a massive land grab that effectively denies access to 30 percent of our national forests.

20120710 California: Yosemite National Park is under attack. Concepts call for the elimination of Wawona & Curry Village Stables, all Yosemite Lodge units, Curry Village Ice Rinks, raft & bike rentals, Wawona Golf Course & shop, housekeeping camp, and numerous campgrounds, and institution of a Reservation System. There is a group trying to organize a response. I don't know the group, but here is the link. Also, here is the link to the Merced River Plan.

20120523 Oregon: Forest Supervisor closes public access to Gold Beach, Oregon road.

20120507 Utah: Utah passes law to reclaim federal lands.

20120326 Arizona: State lawmakers push back to take control of their lands.

20120323 Oregon:” Road closures prompt mixed reaction. The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest’s new travel management plan will close 3,600 miles of road, more than half of the 6,691 miles currently available. “But it’ns not the quantity of roads that will remain open that Tork Ballard of Baker City is most interested in. Rather, it’s the quality of roads that will be closed to motor vehicles. Ballard, who with his wife, Wanda, enjoys riding four-wheelers on forest roads, said Schwalbach’s decision ‘is just going to devastate our recreation.’”

20120323 Utah: Governor signed the bill demanding the federal government relinquish control of Utah’s public lands by the year 2012.

20120116 Utah: State legislator wants the State to control its public lands. This is a very important development in States’ rights.

20111230 BLM wants to change the rule book for public land use,  from “right-of-way” to “fair access.”

20111229 National Park Service has new land-grabbing tool.

20111229 BLM proposes “energy development zones” for public lands.

20111129 Missouri: St. Louis will have to pay salvage yard owner $1 million for private property taken from her by eminent domain.

20111122 Montana: The Montana Wool Growers Association finds itself having to spend a substantial portion of its members’ dues ... to protect agriculture-related jobs and the health of Montana’s sheep industry. ... This effort to defend domestic sheep grazing is the most important issues faced by America’s sheep industry in the last fifteen years.”

20111122 North Carolina: U.S. Senator Kay Hagan is cosponsoring legislation to fund more control over, and depopulation of, North Carolina’s forests and public lands.

20111121 Massachusetts: Land trusts see more forest among trees. This article is one example of how tax benefits are being used by government to take control of land it does not own. “...The number of acres preserved by land trusts nationally grew by 10 million to 47 million. Massachusetts is one of the most active states involved in land preservation. It has the second most land trusts at 157. California has the most with 197. ... one of the reasons for the success of land trusts has been the continued support of state and federal governments through tax incentive and tax credit programs.”

20111119 Bill giving Homeland Security reign on federal lands heats up Senate race. H.R. 1505 “won’t sit well with Montana voters who value public lands. The measure would give U.S. Customs and Border Protection the authority to circumvent 36 federal environmental and wilderness laws in order to give the agency operational control over all federally owned lands within 100 miles of U.S. borders.”

20111118 Arizona: Congressman Doc Hastings opposes Obama’s efforts to protect 1,000,000 acres around the Grand Canyon National Park from uranium mining. This is the nation’s primary source of uranium, critical to meeting our future energy needs and protecting our national security.

20111118 Washington state: New wilderness areas proposed in Olympics. From their comfortable homes on the East Coast in Washington, D.C., legislators are floating plans to remove humans from an additional 130,000 acres within Olympic National Forest, and acquire control of another 20,000 by purchase.

20111118 Canada: Alberta promises major changes to controversial land-use law. Bill 19, a controversial land-use law, “was passed in 2009 as a way to help the province assemble big blocks of land ... It empowers the province to put restrictions on private land, essentially preventing owners from making major changes that would impede the government’s development plans. ... opposition parties and lands rights activists have criticized it and other laws as an excessive infringement on individual property rights.”

20111118 Connecticut: The USDA is buying off farmers and forest land owners in order to gain perpetual federal control over private land use.

20111117 Idaho: Conservation League wins injunction to close 29 trails pending a revised Salmon-Challis National Forest travel plan.

20111117 U.S. Forest Service testifies before Congress regarding its new framework for managing all 193 million acres of national forests and grasslands. “the new rule will greatly reduce the amount of time required by individual forests and grasslands to revise a plan ...” In other words, the Federal government will have more control with less state, local, and public input.

20111117 Colorado: Forest Service “wants to make an end run around state law and take away water rights worth tens of millions of dollars.”

20111116 Nevada: Elko County Board of Commissions testifies to Congress about U.S. Forest Service non-cooperation.

20111116 Legislation: Congressional bill H.R. 3432 allows government to buy grazing rights and thereby reduce U.S. meat production.

20111116 California: The U.S. Forest Service has recently focused on “restoration” as the primary goal for all land management actions. Human population is considered one of the threats to be reduced.

20111116 South Dakota: Forest Service sued for NEPA and NOA violations.

20111116 Worldwide: The World Bank “has incentivized and facilitated land grabs in several countries in Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia.

20111016 Obama pushing hunters off public lands.

20111114 South Dakota: Fall River County Commissioners vote unanimously to send a letter to congressional delegates challenging the Forest Service’s road-less plans for Buffalo Gap National Grasslands.

20111114 Utah: “The state of Utah has joined Garfield and Kane counties in new lawsuits seeking control of roads that cross federal lands in southern Utah. ... The BLM has completely ignored local and state requests for control of vital roads within the public lands.”

20111113 Salazar’s wilderness proposal met with criticism.

20111113 U.S. Forest Service wants private water holders to sign away their rights as a permit condition.

20111111 Congress looking to designate more public lands as “wilderness”.

20111111 Coakley Brothers win two contracts to develop new business with all branches of the federal government, including property management of federal lands in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

20111110 San Juan Islands: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar seeks control.

20111110 BLM suggests 18 new conservation sites.

20111110 Obama calls on Congress to pass sweeping legislation to create a vast national moment of more than one million acres in San Bernardino County.

20111109 Federal government imposes absurd edict on lake property owners.

20111108 California: Shasta County moves to open roads.

20111108 Australia: “a vast cattle station on the Northern Territory’s Daly River” was returned to aboriginal groups.

20111107 Nevada: Elko, Nevada County Commissioners “have a long list of issues over the Travel Management Plan” proposed for forest land in the county.

20111107 Colorado: BLM plan could affect access to the Blue River in Summit County, Colorado.

20111107 South Carolina: Government acquires another 1,840 acres to add to Congaree National Park.

20111107 BLM to close 31 miles of roads in Canyons of the Ancients.

20111107 Elko County Commission Chairman Demar Dahl to testify on forest service road restrictions.

20111106 California: Shasta County supervisors will consider easing some USFS restrictions on area forest roads.

20111106 Tenth Circuit upheld the Roadless Rule for national forests.

20111031 The Chesapeake Bay and its supplying water basin is about to become another takeover target, allegedly to save the menhaden. What’s a menhaden?

20111025 Court ruling puts 50 million forest acres backwards to old rules.

20111019 Ninth Circuit Court decision on forest road permit case is being challenged to the Supreme Court. (Louise G) “The original defendants are appealing because the recent appeals court decision overturns rules which have been effective in controlling water pollution from forest operations nationwide for over thirty years and conflicts with a decision of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

20111018 Elko County seeks hearing on forest travel plan. “Commissioners strongly oppose road closures and a ban on cross country travel.”

20110918 A Tree Party Rebellion. “... on Saturday, September 17, the Otero Country Tree Party put the Forest Service on notice. They did not ask permission; they realigned the government and took back their right to manage the lands owned by the state and county.”

20110118 Salazar’s wild lands policy sends shockwaves across the West.

20100503 Western states follow Utah’s lead in skirmish over federal land.

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