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The Assault

The Siskiyou County Story (related page)

This 2-disk set demonstrates how rural counties are being destroyed.

  1. Disk 1 is a documentary that uses first-hand testimonies and animated visuals to explain the war that is raging over control of nine California and Oregon counties, the Klamath River Basin, and an area larger than the state of Maryland. (54 mins)

  2. Disk 2 contains interviews of ten Siskiyou County residents telling their personal stories. (115 mins)

2 DVDs $25.00

The Drakes Bay Oyster Farm Story (related page)

These two interviews document the battle to save California’s oysters.

  1. Kevin Lunny, co-owner of the Drakes Bay Oyster Company, explains the history and issues surrounding the Department of Interior’s plan to close down a popular business that produces 40% of California’s oysters that has been in continuous operation since the 1950s. (36 mins)

  2. Ginny Cummings, Kevin’s sister and co-owner, tearfully explains the impact in human terms. (28 mins)

DVD $25.00

The Destruction of America’s Forests (related page)

America’s forests are being destroyed by federal mismanagement.

  1. Steve Brink, Vice President of the California Forestry Association, presents his views at the Defend Rural America event in Auburn, California on  June 1, 2013. (18 mins)

  2. Danielle Lindler, a 5th-generation California, and Registered Professional Forester, discusses her first-hand observations. (13 mins)

DVD $25.00

The DRA Auburn Workshop

Six speakers discuss the problems. (110 mins)

  1. Kirk MacKenzie, founder of Defend Rural America

  2. Craig Lindsay, President of the Western Mining Alliance

  3. Steve Brink, VP of the California Forestry Association

  4. Ron Gibson, Interim Chairman of the Jefferson Mining District

  5. Chuck Shea, President of CABPRO

  6. Jerry Hobbs, President of Public Lands For The People

DVD $25.00

The DRA San Joaquin County Launch

Seven highly qualified panelists discuss various aspects of the problems. (109 mins)

  1. Sheriff Dean Wilson, Del Norte County―public land closures

  2. Dr. Richard Gierak, Siskiyou County―the falsification of science

  3. Dave Pechan, vintner―regulatory impact on vineyards

  4. Dante Nomellini, attorney―the assault on water rights

  5. Richard Fields, Pacific Legal Foundation―property rights

  6. Steve Brink, VP California Forestry Assoc.―forest management

  7. Doyel Shamley, Apache County, AZ― jurisdiction

DVD $25.00

Who’s Behind The Assault

Money: Defending Your Prosperity (related page)

An elite group of modern day moneylenders is behind the efforts to seize control of our world and everyone in it. This illustrated book explains why a nation with so much wealth is in so much debt; reveals who created this system of serfdom, how they did it, and when they did it; and what can be done to restore our prosperity and liberty. (300 pages, six chapters, five reference appendices)

Book $25.00

Follow The Money

This full-color, pocket-size book uses quotations from U.S. Presidents, central bankers, and other well-known leaders to make clear that there is a multi-generational war over control of the world, between representative government and the People on the one hand, and a handful of international banking families on the other. (60 pages)

Booklet $10.00

Why We Are In So Much Debt

3-seminar presentation of “Money: Defending Your Prosperity”.

  1. Part I Concepts explains how our “monetary system” is yet another form of plunder, robbing us of our labors, income, savings, and investments. (65 mins)

  2. Part II History & Timeline provides the history of central banking in the United States: Who did it, how they did it, and when they did it. (66 mins)

  3. Part III Solutions offers ideas on how to rid ourselves of personal and national debt, and the moneylenders behind it. (34 mins)

DVD $25.00

Their Weapons


Real stories are used to explain the destruction of Rural America is a real and national problem, caused by the hijacking and perversion of the “environmental movement” into a political one designed to replace constitutional government with central planning, and abolish personal and public property. Every American needs to understand this information.

DVD $25.00

The Unconstitutional Shadow Government

The U.S. Supreme Court has sanctioned the creation of a second United States that operates outside of the U.S. Constitution without constitutional constraints, nor regard for the People’s inalienable rights or desires to be free. In essence, they assert it is constitutional for the government we created to be unconstitutional. (32 mins)

DVD $25.00

Scientific Fraud (related page)

Dr. Corey Goodman, a former professor, a member of the National Academy of Scientists, and a venture capitalist, explains how intentional scientific fraud is being used by federal agencies to bring about the pre-determined destruction of Drakes Bay Oyster Farm, a beloved business that produces 40% of California’s fresh oysters. This information can be applied to defending against other neo-environmentalist assaults. (57 mins)

DVD $25.00

The Constitutional County (related page)

Either we restore local government, or submit to global governance. There is nothing in between. For Rural America, counties are the proper focus. We can restore the dream of “government by consent of the governed” by regaining control of our counties one-by-one, and turning them into constitutional counties. (65 mins).

DVD $25.00

Our Response

Jurisdiction (related page)

Exercising proper jurisdiction is an essential aspect of a constitutional county. This presentation uses the Constitution, Supreme Court decisions, and government documents to explain why Counties have far more authority than they are exercising, and the federal government has far less that it is demanding. (88 mins).

DVD $25.00

The Apache County Story (related page)

Apache County, Arizona is proof that prosperity can be restored, jobs saved, and families protected when counties exercise their jurisdiction. The county has gone from no mills to six mills, and negotiations are underway for railroad support to allow the timber to be cost-effectively exported to other states and other parts of the world. This tremendous success story is presented by Doyel Shamley, including details of how it was accomplished. (301 mins)

DVD $25.00

Land Patents (related page)

Private property was created in the United States through the issuances of land patents signed by the U.S. Presidents then in office. These grants were perpetual. Every private parcel, ranch, or farmland in the country has a land patent associated with it. In these two interviews, Ron Gibson, interim chairman of the Jefferson Mining District, explains land patents and the process for connecting your land to its original patent(s). Interview 1 (55:23 mins), Interview 2 (61:59 mins)

DVD $50.00

The ESA Defense

One of the best ways to defend against more land closures is to write effective commentary on a proposed listing during the public comment period―before the listing is enacted, and when there is no cost and no attorney fees. This 3-DVD set starts with an executive overview by Kirk MacKenzie, followed by Doyel Shamley’s full 6-hour course.

3 DVD Set $100.00

Statehood: The Territorial Imperative (related page)

This book is a meticulous inquiry into the origins of the American states, the federal territorial land system and the relationship between the two. The text relies upon commentary of the Framers, other contemporaneous commentary, and Supreme Court decisions and decisional dicta to derive its conclusions. The conclusions arrived at pose a forceful and provocative challenge to conventional thinking about the federal trust respecting public lands as it is understood and applied in the 21st century." (524 pages, 13 point type for ease of reading)

Book $25.00

The Property Clause

  1. This is a comprehensive and detailed examination of the origins and judicial interpretations of the Constitution’s Property Clause, the only clause dealing with federal territories and those lands commonly referred to as public lands. The U.S. Supreme Court has issued contradictory judicial constructions of this clause. One view is Congress holds an absolute power of governing these lands. The other view is the federal government has the duty to release them to the States. This booklet examines both lines of reasoning and draws conclusions which challenge the present reading of this clause. (64 pages)

Book $15.00

RS 2477: A Road Out of Territorial Bondage

  1. This booklet applies constitutional principles to the issue of state and local roads that cross federal public lands. It examines the territorial rights of the states, the origins of the Equal Footing Doctrine and how it is differentially applied to the western states, the consequences of an "expansive reading" of the Property Clause, and how Revised Statute (RS) 2477 has deprived the states of their sovereign rights over their public lands. By reclaiming eminent domain over construction of their own highways, the States will re-established their sovereignty and liberate themselves from "the bondage of a (federal) territorial system" within their borders. (54 pages)

Book $15.00

Statehood: The Bill Howell & Bill Redd Interviews

Bill Howell and Bill Redd, the authors of “Statehood: The Territorial Imperative” and the other books shown below, are interviewed for their thoughts on the problems that face America and the solutions. (15:27 and 12:27 mins)

DVD $25.00

How To Take Our Country Back

In these two presentations, Kirk MacKenzie lays out the ideas that guide his efforts, and should guide the efforts of all grassroots activists.

  1. Part I lays out a comprehensive plan based on history, priorities, focus, and an offense. The short history of financial legislation alone is worth the price. (41 mins)

  2. Part II puts it all together, from principles to tactics. (94 mins)

DVD $25.00



The Patriot Collection

This selection of DVDs provides more, and more useful information and insights than a college education as to how the world actually works, and how to protect yourself and your rights.

  1. Why We Are In So Much Debt

  2. Neo-Environmentalism

  3. Scientific Fraud

  4. The Unconstitutional Shadow Government

  5. How To Take Our Country Back

  6. The Constitutional County

  7. Jurisdiction

7 DVDs $100.00 (175.00 value)

Defend Rural America, The Constitutional County, Constitutional County, and
Constitutional Counties are trademarks of Kirk F. MacKenzie.

Endangered Species Act (related page)

This DVD contains two audio interviews regarding the Endangered Species Act. Ray Haupt, a 33-year retired US Forest Service District Ranger, discusses ESA from an insider’s perspective. Karen Budd-Falen, a Wyoming attorney, discusses it from a legal perspective. (95 mins)

DVD $25.00

Equal Access To Justice Act (related page)

This DVD contains two audio interviews regarding the Equal Access to Justice Act. Ray Haupt, a 33-year retired US Forest Service District Ranger, discusses EAJA from an insider’s perspective. Karen Budd-Falen, a Wyoming attorney, discusses it from a legal perspective. (83 mins)

DVD $25.00

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