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Recent additions to the DRA website.

  1. 20131108 Added Range Magazine article “What’s Wrong With The ESA” to the ESA page.

  2. 20131022 A major and critically important update was made to the Jurisdiction discussion. A new video was released and placed on the Home Page, the Jurisdiction page rewritten, and a new Jurisdiction white paper released. The video is available as a DVD in the Store.

  3. 20131014 Added the February 26, 2013 U.S. House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee Report to the Forestry page. It clearly states federal forestry management is wholly inferior to local statement management.

  4. 20131009 Montana rancher shares what it is really like living with wolves, based on 15 years of actual experience. Added to the Wolves page.

  5. 20130920 Added the 20131109 DRA launch in Merced County.

  6. 20130917 Added 20131025 DRA event in Sonora, CA.

  7. 20130806 Added the 20130806 Congressional Field Hearing testimony of Mike Applegarth (Principle Analyst, El Dorado County), Kelly Wooster (cattleman, Calaveras County), Randy Hanvelt (Supervisor, Tuolumne County), Steve Brink (Vice President, California Forestry Association), and Mark Baird (Siskiyou County) added to the Frogs & Toads page.

  8. 20130805 An article and a video were added to the Mining page about the benefits of suction dredge mining removing lead from out waterways.

  9. 20130805 Events page updated to announce 6 more meetings.

  10. 20130804 Fresno County’s BOS Frogs & Toads commentary added to the Scorecard.

  11. 20130804 Ron Arnold’s article Why Are Publicly-Funded Scientists  Allowed To Keep Their Work Secret? added to the Scientific Misconduct page.

  12. 20130804 The article “Tip of the Spear” added to the Siskiyou County page.

  13. 20130801 AMRA’s (American Mining Rights Association) commentary added to the Frogs & Toads page.

  14. 20130729 California Off Road Vehicle Association’s (CORVA) comments added to Frogs & Toads page.

  15. 20130726 Jim Petersen’s article “Forest Service’s Mission Statement is Pure Fantasy” added to the Forestry page.

  16. 20130726 Sample conservation easement program and template added to the Conservation Easement page.

  17. 20130724 Added a page on Cattle to the impact section.

  18. 20130723 Dr. Zybach’s discussion of the spotted owl listing added to the righthand panel of the Endangered Species Act page.

  19. 20130721 Added Doyel Shamley’s short presentation on jurisdiction to the Jurisdiction and Endangered Species Act pages.

  20. 20130721 Sidebar added to Energy page about species dying at renewable energy sites.

  21. 20130719 Official Federal Register notice of extension added to the Frogs & Toads page.

  22. 20130719 Letter from retired forester John Marker to Congress regarding the horrible state of our nation’s forests posted to this blog page.

  23. 20130718 Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) information and tax filings added to the Acronyms page.

  24. 20130718 Fish & Wildlife Service press release announcing a 120-day extension added to the Frogs & Toads page.

  25. 20130717 Congressional district map added to the Frogs & Toads page.

  26. 20130712 Added the Cattlemen’s Assoc. Frogs & Toads Commentary to the Frogs & Toads page.

  27. 20130710 June 26, 2013 letter from ranking congressional leaders to the USFWS requesting transparency on ESA settlement agreements added to the Endangered Species page, righthand panel.

  28. 20130710 Added the Federalist Society’s Legal Overview of Utah’s H.B.148 to the Statehood page, righthand panel.

  29. 20130709 Rep. McClintock hearing request added to Frogs & Toads page.

  30. 20130709 Page added to expose the impact on San Joaquin County.

  31. 20130627 An explanation of the conservation easement scam added to the corresponding page.

  32. 20130626 Added Tuolumne County extension request to the Scorecard.

  33. 20130626 Added Madera and Plumas Counties’ Frogs & Toads commentary to the Scorecard.

  34. 20130626 Video of June 19, 2013 Prather Townhall added to event page.

  35. 20130625 More Frogs & Toads commentary added to the Frogs & Toads page: Sheriff Mims, CABPRO, and Stewards of the Sequoia.

  36. 20130623 DRA response to proposed Frogs & Toads Listing added to a new commentary page.

  37. 20130621 Page added for the June 19, 2013 meeting in Prather, CA.

  38. 20130615 Detailed digest of laws & regulations that require federal agencies to coordinate with county governments added to the Coordination page in the right-hand panel.

  39. 20130615 Action Plan and Tracking Scorecard added to the Frogs & Toads page.

  40. 20130612 Four remaining Auburn presentations added to the event page.

  41. 20130611 YouTube presentation page added for the June 1, 2013 Auburn conference.

  42. 20130528 Supreme Court decision 504US36 added to the Grand Jury page, right panel.

  43. 20130527 Very important article added to the Endangered Species Act page about “ESA’s Fall From Grace in the Supreme Court.”

  44. 20130523 Fighting Back information added to the Frogs and Toads page, in the right panel.

  45. 20130522 Frogs and Toads page added as another example of how Rural America is being attacked.

  46. 20130522 Statehood page added as a new part of the Fighting Back plan.

  47. 20130521 Added Press Release to the Auburn Event page.

  48. 20130518 Announced the 14-county gathering June 1, 2013 in Auburn, CA on the Auburn Event page.

  49. 20130516 Ron Gibson radio interview on the Bill Meyer Radio show, regarding the Jefferson Mining District’s Notice and Demand, added to the Jefferson Mining District page.

  50. 20130516 Frogs and Toads Talking Points added to the Endangered Species page.

  51. 20130515 New Jurisdiction page added: Jefferson Mining District.

  52. 20130515 Drakes Bay Oyster Farm news feed added to the Drakes Bay page, right column.

  53. 20130513 Proposed listing of the yellow-legged frog and Yosemite toad added to the right panel of the Endangered Species Page.

  54. 20130507 Additional quotes added to the Constitutional Quotes page.

  55. 20130505 Measurements of actual noise at Drakes Bay Oyster Farm prove government’s proxy data blatantly and outrageously overstates the actual noise. Dr. Goodman’s Test Results and the related Press Release have been added to the right panel of the Drakes Bay page.

  56. 20130430 Excellent collection of videos exposing the global warming fraud have been added to the right panel of the Scientific Misconduct page.

  57. 20130426 Added Drakes Bay Reply Brief and Further Excerpts of Record to the Drakes Bay page in the right panel Other Downloads section.

  58. 20130415 Added timeline illustration to Agenda 21 page.

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